Healing Cancers and Tumors | A Magnetic Approach

CANCERS AND TUMORS AND MAGNETISM By Albert Roy Davis & Walter C. Rawls In order to be read and understood by the layman, student, and professional researcher, we are refraining from the use of highly technical material or language and the display of mathematical computations. These materials are, however, available for proper usage. Over 300...
autism made in the USA
autism made in the USA

Autism Made in the USA | Documentary

Every parent with an autistic child and every parent planning to vaccinate their loved ones must watch. Suramin  

Tools For Freedom From The Vaccine

The current situation in the United States of America is a sticky one indeed. We are openly discussing things that would have been unthinkable to the average American citizen five years ago. But alas, due entirely to our own complacency, we are now living in a techno-fascist, upside down, “bizarro world” in which tyrants rule...

Dr. Scott Jensen, MD speaks out on an overly aggressive, unapproved , experimental vaccination program

Confessions of an Antivaxxer who got vaccinated by an overly aggressive, unapproved, experimental vaccination program Like the millions of my brothers and sisters across the world, I was also laid off last year when the plandemic hit. I had a family to support. I worked in a specialized industry that had no hope of re-opening....

Suramin the Covid Vaccine Antidote | As per Dr.Judy Mikovits Ph.D.

PINE NEEDLE  TEA [Source of Suramin]: Antidote for the Covid 19 Vaccine Watch the PLANDEMIC banned by all social media. In an exclusive interview with Dr.Judy Mikovits by Filmmaker Mikki Willis, Dr.Judy exposes the individuals behind the planned pandemic. Buy Suramin Here Autism Made in the USA | Documentary Buy Pine Needle Tea Here Here...