Dr. Scott Jensen, MD speaks out on an overly aggressive, unapproved , experimental vaccination program


Confessions of an Antivaxxer who got vaccinated by an overly aggressive, unapproved, experimental vaccination program

Like the millions of my brothers and sisters across the world, I was also laid off last year when the plandemic hit. I had a family to support. I worked in a specialized industry that had no hope of re-opening. Having spent 20 years in that field it was not easy to just get another job and carry on with life. Long story short, I was unable to secure a job the past 1 year due to several constraints I was in. Then luckily out of the blue, last month, my former employer re-opened for business and offered me my job back, but with one condition. That I am vaccinated if I wanted my job back. This was an industry I spent most of my life working and I did not want to give up all my experience and find a new sector to work in. Besides the pay was good. Problem is that I am an anti-vaxxer. I did not want to inject something into my body that has had no proper research or field trials done, which normally takes years. Why would I want to put something in my body that they had a few months to work on? Besides all the talk about nanoparticles, transhumanism, pineal gland disruption, and mind control via the vaccine and 5G technology dominated my research on these vaccines, not to mention the side effects ranging from rashes to heart attacks of which the numbers keep climbing. Amid all this information, I had to make a vital choice:

My family’s welfare or my beliefs? What comes first?

My family believes in the vaccine and kind of gave me the ultimatum that it was better to take the vaccine and get my job back. I tried to resist, but it was futile. Only people who are in the same situation as me would understand and relate to what I’m talking about here. While I was pondering over this major decision of my life, to knowingly inject myself with something that may harm me, I came across the video about an antidote to the vaccine called Suramin by Dr.Judy Mikovits. That video gave me great hope. So, I started looking for pine needles in my area, and luckily, I found them in abundance. I followed the instructions on that video on how to make pine needle tea and started a regimen of 3 cups a day. 3 days after I started my pine needle tea regimen, I noticed that I was not wearing my glasses anymore when I used the desktop computer. I struggled with my diminishing vision (due to age they say, I’m 49) over the last 1 year and I was blown away when I realized that I could see the screen clearly without my prescription glasses! This had to be a miracle! Even now while typing this article I’m not wearing my glasses. This is not to say that I got all my 20/20 eyesight back, the blurred vision comes back if I discontinue taking the tea for a day or two. To confirm this, I purposely stopped taking the tea for few days and I had to put my glasses back on as the blurry screen returned. After restarting the daily 3 cups regimen, I can see the screen without glasses. Isn’t that wonderful? The cure is just out there for anyone to go and pick from the pine trees! I want to spread the wonderful benefits of this amazing tea to the world, the main reason that I volunteered to write this blog. People wearing glasses must try this tea! I cannot guarantee that what worked for me will work for everyone, but isn’t it worth a try? What have you got to lose? I am sure this miracle is attributed to the high levels of natural vitamin A in pine needle tea. Why waste money on chemically formulated vitamins, when nature has given them to us in abundance. We may be a bit off-topic here now, but I have to mention it. One other less known side effect of consuming pine needle tea, I must profess is that it gives men more staying power in bed if you know what I mean. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but this is my personal experience. You wouldn’t know unless you tried it yourself.

The inevitable day of my vaccine was approaching fast. The day before the shot, I had an extra cup before going to bed, reassuring me that the Suramin in the Pine Tea would do its job. Which was, to prevent it from illegally modifying my RNA & DNA. So here’s my health condition: I have got an autoimmune condition that’s going on and off since 2012. This is a major concern because my immune system is already hyperactive and I am constantly on steroids (prednisolone 20-60mg) which has over the years pushed my sugar levels to the max. I had my complete bloodwork done a month ago and based on my fasting sugar levels & HBA1C I am Type 2 pre-diabetic. Enough for concern, I guess. To add to my grief, I lost both my parents to Covid 19 in 2020. Both of them were in their late 70s so had no chance when the first wave hit. I was far away at work and did not even see their bodies. Kept me thinking, will I meet them soon in the afterworld? Will I have adverse reactions to this vaccine tomorrow or after I get my second shot? My mind was set, that the pine needles will save me from any such misadventure. And so be it……

DAY 1 | First vaccine shot [mRNA Pfizer]
I had 2 cups of pine needle tea this morning on an empty stomach before traveling to the vaccination center. The center resembled the immigration waiting area of an airport. I was not excited about this turn of events. But like I mentioned earlier I had no choice in the matter. It is a sacrifice for the welfare of the family, I told myself. Their needs above your own were my mantra.

At the check-in, my ID was checked and questions asked if I have HIV, allergic to vaccines, blood pressure, etc. none of which I had. I was asked to go and sit in a waiting area. About 12 people were waiting which I found strange. Did the whole city already get vaccinated or nobody wants to, because maybe they are all wealthy and are not in a situation like mine?

The nurse put the needle to my left shoulder and said that I may feel pain on that side for a day or two. Once I got the shot, I was asked to sit in a waiting area in case I develop any adverse reactions to the vaccine. So, I waited for about 15 minutes and nothing happened except for the slight pain at the injection site. By the time I reached home, still no reactions, nothing. In case there was any nanotechnology, involved, I put a huge magnet over the injection site, (yes this may sound crazy), as it would disrupt the structure of any such particle. Mind you, we are not talking about the average fridge or speaker magnet here. I have a heavy magnet weighing about a pound. So I ran the magnet all over the left side. The only reaction I had that entire afternoon was a bit of drowsiness like I had overdosed on some medication. I had another cup of pine needle tea and went to sleep. During the night the left arm pain seemed to magnify a bit.

The drowsiness went away the next morning and I noticed that the pain on the injection site has become about 50% more than the initial pain. By evening the next day that pain faded away completely. Everything felt normal. Maybe the drowsiness that I experienced was my immune system reacting to the vaccine or was the Suramin in the pine needle somehow battling the invading chemicals? Only time will tell as this log continues. Out of curiosity, I had previously searched online for reactions to the Pfizer vaccine and they went from rashes to heart attacks. However, I felt nothing so far. I’m scheduled for my second vaccine at the end of this month. I strongly believe that the Suramin is protecting my system from being overwritten by this hacker code from the vaccine. Like the write-protect feature on memory cards or hard drives. Sorry about the tech jargon, I’m an engineer by profession.


No adverse reactions yet. I feel just fine. I’ve been lazy to go and forage pine needles from the forest, so I decided to find some on Amazon and ordered some form of it. They were commercially packed. I didn’t like them because I was used to getting raw fresh pine needles from the forest which was a bit far away from my home and I had the fear of running into a bear one of these days. A bit of googling brought me to Holistic Gear from where I ordered the dried natural pine needles and have switched to these ever since. I gave away the ones I ordered from Amazon to my friends.

Don’t feel any different than any other regular day. Doesn’t feel like I ever took the vaccine. There was no pain whatsoever on my left shoulder where I got the shot. I’ve been contemplating, what could happen if this vaccine is somehow weaponized by the 5G technology that has been implemented from the beginning of this pandemic. Been listening to the free Subliminal audio tracks from Holistic Gear that I got when I ordered my Pine Tea from them. The sound of rain soothed me to sleep while the subliminal messages embedded in the track spoke to my subconscious to put my immune system on full alert to make the vaccine ingredients impotent. I got 3 of these affirmation audio tracks. One you can hear in the first person and second person narrative in a pleasant voice along with the rain backdrop. The second track has only rain sound that your conscious mind can hear, but as mentioned has an embedded subliminal message. The third track is completely silent as if there is no sound recorded. But you can see on the bar graph of any audio player on the pc or an mp3 player that there is a track being played but at a frequency, only your subconscious mind can comprehend. I listen to this while driving or doing any other chores. You can’t say you are listening since it’s completely silent, but your subconscious gets the message all right. If I am doing something that needs concentration and no distractions, I use this silent track to program my mind. You are tackling the vaccine at two levels, one at the physical level where you take pine needles, and on the mental, or spiritual level, one may say, via the subconscious mind which is the system that heals you, transmute the vaccine into harmless particles. This may sound like mumbo jumbo to some, but those who know, know!

Day 23  | Second Pfizer vaccine shot administered

The much-dreaded day of getting my second Covid 19 mRNA Pfizer vaccine has finally arrived. I was hoping that by some miracle I’d get a dream job with some new employer who would not ask me if I was vaccinated or not, before this date and make enough money to say to the family that, I’m not getting this second shot, coz now I have enough money to take care of the family. The reality was that I was still jobless and waiting for my previous employer’s offered job which would not happen until late August. My wife reminded me the day before, you’re getting your second shot tomorrow. I didn’t need the reminding, because this date was already etched in my memory. This time when we reached the vaccination center there was 5 times the number of people than the first time we were here.

I looked at all the eyes behind the masks, most of them looked stressed. One woman who was behind us looked very nervous. None of them looked happy or eager to get the vaccine but appeared as if they did not have a choice…as in being blackmailed by governments and employers to get the shot. When my turn came to get the shot, I asked the nurse to give me the shot on the right shoulder as opposed to the left shoulder where I got it last time. The logic being that the injection sites would be farthest away from each other, in case they are using some sort of delivery where the previous shot and second shot combined to form into something else, it would not be that optimal if distanced further apart. I was confident that nothing adverse would happen to me because my immune system was doing its job. Besides I had my 3-cup regiment of Pine Tea Needle ongoing for the last 2 months. This morning I had one cup of pine needle tea before I left for the vaccine center. Upon return, I started drinking one cup every two hours to negate the effects of the vaccine. After I got home, I had a slight bout of drowsiness, and I knew everything was working fine as my immune system kicked in and did its job along with the suramin components from the tea. I took a nap and later felt fine but didn’t go anywhere, just in case. When I went to sleep, there was still slight pain in my left shoulder. Another interesting point that I recalled from the visit to the vaccine center: the nurse had mentioned that I do not wash the area where I got injected. My wife reminded me the same. I took a shower anyway just like I did the last time, and nothing happened. Maybe they want to make sure that the vaccine was not washed out during the shower from the injected spot? This would be weird because injected materials do not normally ooze out!

Day 24 | The aftermath of the Covid 19 mRNA Pfizer Vaccine shots

This morning I still have a bit of pain on my left shoulder injection site, but nothing else. I feel fine. Had my cup of pine needle tea before going to sleep last night and slept with the earphones playing in my ear the immune booster Subliminals from Holistic Gear. All is good so far. Will keep you all updated if anything changes. Looking forward to getting back to work, now that I’m officially a vaccinated person! I look forward to the day when the people of this world will not be coerced into getting any vaccine. I hope that my kids will not be forced into taking the Covid Vaccine in the near future, but all the signs indicate, it’s not far away when they will come for our children too. The grim future awaits us all unless there is divine intervention to assist humanity…. or humanity unites and fights these forced vaccine regimes…only time will tell…

Love and Peace to All

Aaron Smith