Grabovoi numbers & codes use Radionic signatures to heal various health ailments. They were developed by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using his Radionic machine.

For those who don’t know Radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all life forms share a common ground in that they are all connected within the electromagnetic field of the earth; and that all life forms carry their electromagnetic field, which when sufficiently distorted will result in disease and sickness. Accepting that all is energy, Radionics sees organs, diseases, and remedies as having their particular frequency or vibration. These factors can be expressed in numerical values or ‘Rates’ or the form of geometric patterns. These numbers & codes provide how the practitioner can identify and treat disease at a distance.

With this in mind Grigori Grabovoi would then use his Radionic machine to pinpoint the numbers & codes associated with various health conditions, then instruct his clients to meditate on these numbers & codes resulting in miraculous recoveries such as regenerated uterus’s, kidneys, reverse aging, and much more.

Grigory Petrovich Grabovoy (born November 14, 1963, in Kazakhstan) is a Russian psychic who claims the ability to abolish death, resurrect the dead, cure cancer and AIDS, teleport, and pinpoint and resolve at distance mechanical and electronic problems on airplanes, space stations, atomic electric power stations, and any other technical constructions. He discusses his abilities in his three-volume book The Practice of Control. The Way to Salvation.

These books explain how the discovery of the creative field of information, or consciousness energy, can manifest any information or object you want, as well as those not subject to the space-time continuum. By converting this information into a known geometric form. This is why Grabovoi numbers & codes can be used for remote diagnostics and regeneration of matter within any term of time through the transformation of time into space form.

The goal of the teaching of Grabovoi, according to himself, is passing on the Knowledge of The Lord to the people all over the world to save them from the possible global catastrophe, enable each one to reach perfect health, physical immortality, resurrect in their physical bodies everyone who’s gone and provide the eternal constructive and harmonious development of the entire mankind.

He claimed personal abilities of remote control of physical matter from any distance, cured hundreds of diseased persons, including cancer and aids, without his presence, these facts are certified by traditional medicine and proved by the notarized statement of cured persons. Using his clairvoyance, he could remotely examine aircraft, in conditions of an experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation, and these works were stated in the minute. He regenerated destroyed matter. He wanted these abilities to be learned by all so that they too could use their gifts to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction.

Playback the Grabovoi audio through a pair of earphones or headphones and repeat the numbers in your mind. Or let your subconscious take in the numbers while you read a book, meditate, sleep or go about doing whatever you are doing. Listen to the track on waking up and before going to sleep for maximum effect. The minimum listening time is 5-7 minutes. There’s no limit to maximum listening time.

You may also playback the audio through your phone’s speakerphone or Bluetooth speaker and broadcast it into your immediate surroundings or to the Universe!

Your intention is very important for faster manifestation. The stronger the intention, the better.

Place the speaker side of your phone towards a glass or bottle of water and playback the Grabovoi audio. (Please refer to the user manual here).

Place the speaker side of the Bluetooth speaker next to the glass or bottle of water.

Playback the Grabovoi audio from your phone into the Bluetooth speaker. (Please refer to User manual here)

Point the speaker side of your phone or Bluetooth speaker towards the desired area and playback the audio.

Please do not use the Grabovoi track while driving or performing tasks as you may get sleepy and pose a safety hazard.

You can get Grabovoi numbers here.

Your Grabovi audio is custom-made by our audio engineering team. We will deliver your Grabovoi audio within 24 hours of you placing the order to the email you entered in your order details. You will receive an email with the download link. When you click the download link the audio file will be downloaded to your device and ready for playback.

Yes, we sure can. On the order form, you can comment as to how you want your affirmation to be customized.

You can order Track#7 or Track#8 from our site. While entering the order form, you have the choice to enter the name of the music track of your choice. Once we receive your order, we will source the track for you from one of the online music stores. Our Audio engineer will then embed the Grabovoi Number affirmation into the music track so that you can enjoy your favorite music while manifesting your goals.

Pine Needle Tea FAQ

It’s never too late to start drinking pine needle tea to prevent further damage by the vaccine. Yes, you can drink the pine needle tea to counteract the effects of the vaccine even 6 months after getting the shot. If you’ve already taken the vaccine, we suggest that you start the pine needle tea regimen right away, a minimum of 3 cups a day for a year minimum, and if possible, make it a lifestyle regimen as we do not know how long the effects of the vaccine will be.

If you are scheduled to be vaccinated, then start taking the tea a week prior (3 cups a day minimum) and continue for a year or longer after getting the vaccine. We suggest you make it a lifestyle, if possible, as we do not know how long the effects of the vaccine will be and also due to the extra benefits that come with this tea.

Yes, there is an optimum way that has been tried and tested by many volunteers.

Start Pine Tea regimen 3 cups a day, at least a week before the shot.
A month before is best, if you have time to prepare that early.

Preferably drink the tea on empty stomach.
Do not eat or drink for an hour after you consume the tea so that the phytonutrients are absorbed optimally.

On the day of the shot:

Drink as normal 3 cup regimen.
Additional cups:
Before going to the vax center, an hour before, take an extra cup on empty stomach.
(if you are not used to be on empty stomach, then, it’s ok to have something to eat on this particular day, to reduce any stress triggers)

Get the shot.

Drink another cup right away after the shot (could take it cold in a water bottle, you can even start sipping while you wait in line).

Continue the drinking regimen for the next 6 months, if not longer, as we do not know how long it can affect the body.

To be on the safe side, we’d recommend a year regimen.

Based on availability we source our pine needles from high up the mountains of Asia and the pristine forests of Europe.

Suramin is synthetically made in a lab and is derived from Pine Needles. Suramin is expensive while Pine Needle is natural and cheap. To get the benefits of Suramin from Pine Needle, Pine Needle Tea must be consumed at least for a month at the recommended 3 cups per day. To be on the safe side, a 1-year regimen is highly recommended as we do not know the long-term effects of the vaccine yet.

If you ordered via Free Standard Shipping, it will take any time between 2 and 4 weeks for the delivery. We are working on a faster delivery option.

This is a subscription package where we send you one bag 1.09 lb. [500 grams] per month (free shipping) for 6 months from the day you place the order on our site Here. You save $12 compared to buying one at a time every month. Also available as one single shipment of all 6 bags upon request on the checkout page.

This is a subscription package where we send you one bag 1.09 lb [500 grams] per month (free shipping) for 12 months from the day you place the order here. You save $24 compared to buying one at a time every month.

Yes, we do. Please email us at support@holisticgear.com with a closeup, legible photo of your government-issued ID showing your birthday and we will give you a special Seniors Discount Coupon.For healtcare workers,please send us a closeup, legible photo of your institution’s ID. Contact us a day before you plan to purchase, mentioning which product you will be purchasing.

Because there are so many different varieties of pines based on geographic locations, we are unable to categorize them all. You may have to do your own research on finding out which ones are edible in your area.

The pines that we recommend are:

Pinus massoniana [Masson Pine]

Pinus merkusii [Sumatran Pine]

Pinus nigra [Austrian Pine]

Pinus palustris [Longleaf Pine]

Pinus resinosa [Red Pine]

Pinus strobus [Eastern White Pine]

Caution: A few pines and other conifers are inedible or even toxic. Livestock and pets are particularly vulnerable to these toxins. Some pines to avoid are lodgepole pine (P.contorta), Monterey pine (P. radiata), and Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria spp.). Teas made from pine leaves, especially those of Ponderosa pine, should be avoided during pregnancy. The leaves are not toxic per se, but the potent chemicals in them can cause uterine contractions that may result in miscarriage. All parts of yew are poisonous, except for the bright red arils. Make sure that you know your pines well before bringing home boughs and needles.

All our recommend pines have similar phytonutrient makeup. Therefore, it does not make any difference as to which of the listed pine needles you consume as tea.
Based on orders placed, the required fresh pine needles are gathered from up in the mountains or in the forests. Then they are washed thoroughly with clean water. The needles are then cut to small pieces and goes through a drying process. Once dried, they are packaged as per required order and shipped.