Shungite Pyramid EMF Shield [Polished] Protection against 5G Cellphone Tower Frequency [ 7.87 inches x 7.87 inches ]


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Shungite Pyramid EMF Shield [Polished] Protection against 5G Cellphone Tower Frequency [ 7.87 inches x 7.87 inches ]

Covid 19 vaccine + 5G Weaponized Frequencies from your friendly cellphone tower =?

This pyramid creates an energy field with a radius of 30 meters. A must-have for the arsenal of the spiritual individual.

Shield yourself and your loved ones from the activation of weaponized 5G frequencies from cellphone towers in your neighborhood. Place this Heavy Duty Shugite Pyramid next to your bed, office space, etc, and shield yourself from the harmful effects of 5G millimeter-wave microwave radiation.

Shungite works like noise-canceling headphones, that negate the opposite spin of things that are harmful to biological tissues. Viruses, Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), bacteria, and pollutants, all have anti-spin which is why they are harmful to living organisms. Shungite will spin so powerfully in the positive direction and neutralize on a quantum level the negative spin of the things that are health hazards. Shungite reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from devices such as cell phone towers, laptops, mobile phones, modems, routers, etc. Keeping the Pyramid near you will absorb these harmful frequencies.

Shungite is great for healing. It’s amazing to have this pyramid right near your bed. Because while we sleep our bodies regenerate and the Shungite will enhance the regeneration. It is great for the subtle energy bodies as well as for stimulating the chakras.

A must for everyone who wants to defend themselves and their loved ones from electromagnetic and spiritual warfare.

The matrix of carbon (fullerenes) in Shungite gives Shungite the ability to absorb negative energies from computers, radios, and other electromagnetic, and radiation negatives that can attack your health.

You can easily test at your home or workplace for EMF radiation using the Trifield EMF Meter Model TF2.

Package Contents:
1x Shungite Pyramid EMF Shield [Polished] Protection against 5G Cellphone Tower Frequency [7.87 inches x 7.87 inches. ] Actual product color, weight, and finish may vary from the photograph shown here.

Origin: Karelia, Russia
100% genuine handcrafted Black Shungite shipped to you directly from Karelia, Russia.No comparison with the cheap imitations from China sold on Amazon.

Shipping Information:
Worldwide Free Fast Shipping via DHL [5-12 Days delivery]

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