The Ultimate Prayer


Here’s a prayer that will lift your spirits and bring you closer to the source. Replace the word “Creator” with any that you like.

Dear Creator,

Fill me with your divine unconditional love, for I wish to be cleansed with the healing power of this love before I enter into the hallowed ground of your presence.I am your ascending child and it is my greatest desire to be connected to you in this moment.


Fill me now, Dear Creator, with healing light that I may shine like brilliant gold before you.I love you, dear creator, and I wish to become like you and learn to love the way you love.


Send me the opportunities Dear Creator that I may open the door and choose the way that shall lead my soul to greater unity with you.Remind me of those thoughts and habits that are not in alignment with your perfect will that I may see these imperfections in myself and choose to correct them.


Empower me, Dear Creator, and tap into the treasures of my potentials while I live, move, and have my being in this world.Lead me to the knowledge that points the way to my part and purpose in the great plan that I may learn and experience those things that will bring me into alignment with your will.


Direct my feet into the path of those who are here to assist and teach me.Let me be grateful even when the lessons they teach are difficult, for I know there is a greater purpose in all these life experiences.


Send your angels to protect me, my family, and my friends, for they are important to me and my growth here on this world.Let me stand now in silence before you and bask in the perfect light of your love…and so I am Love.