Tools For Freedom From The Vaccine


The current situation in the United States of America is a sticky one indeed. We are openly discussing things that would have been unthinkable to the average American citizen five years ago. But alas, due entirely to our own complacency, we are now living in a techno-fascist, upside down, “bizarro world” in which tyrants rule the day and We the People are no longer in control of our destinies. Even Alexander Hamilton, the architect of big government, would be shocked and appalled by our foolishness.

We are most certainly fighting from behind, my friends. In order to preserve what little freedom we have left, and regain the freedom we have lost, we must be willing to use every tool in our toolbelt. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) the following: religious exemptions, letters of declination, and notices of liability. These tools are designed to do one thing: prevent you, the employee or the student, from being forced to inject a poison into your body that has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of human beings.

Before I go any further, I feel a responsibility to say the following: DO NOT, under any circumstance, take this “vaccine”. With that said, I would highly recommend researching why for yourself. Read THIS and THIS and THIS to start. From there I would suggest browsing America’s Frontline Doctors website can be found HERE. Time To Free America is also a good resource and you can find them HERE. This should set you on a path forward and as with any subject, you’ll make your way through multiple theories as to what’s actually happening. But regardless of differences in opinion on origin, agenda, and whether or not Covid-19 is even real, the conclusion is always the same: do not take this shot.

If you’re faced with a situation in which your employer or school is mandating the Covid vaccine, the first thing I would do is submit a religious exemption form. The religious exemption process is different in each state and you’ll have to track down the correct form by either going to your state website or by typing in “vaccine religious exemption form” followed by the name of your state in DuckDuckGo (or any search engine, I just prefer DuckDuckGo). If you can’t find the form I would suggest contacting your state representative (assemblyman or congressman) and asking them for help. Unlike our representatives at the federal level, our state representatives are accessible by phone. Leave them a voicemail explaining your situation, and chances are they’ll return your call within a reasonable amount of time.

To take this further, I would recommend contacting a republican representative in your state, even if they’re not your direct representative. You can find their contact information by going to your state website and using the “find your legislator” tab. Every state should have one. Your employer or school may also have a religious exemption from specific to that particular institution. Don’t be afraid to ask them for one. To further clarify, there is no uniform exemption form that works for all states. Each state that offers a vaccine exemption will either have the form available on their website (usually the health department), or your employer/school will have one that’s specific to them. It may be frustrating and difficult to locate the form you need, but if your state offers an exemption the correct form is definitely out there somewhere. I would highly recommend reading the Religious Exemption Letter Handbook prior to submitting a form to work or school. Submitting a letter with your exemption form is a good way to demonstrate your level of seriousness, and while it’s not necessarily required, it will give you more ground to stand on should they deny your exemption. It will also help you get your ducks in a row, especially if you’re not actively religious.

Remember, you’re protected under the Civil Rights Act from discrimination of any kind for your religious beliefs. If you’ve submitted the form correctly with a letter accompanying it and your religious exemption is still denied, you now have grounds to take action (if you have the resources, knowledge, and time). What these employers and schools are doing is highly questionable from a legal perspective, and they’re relying on you to not have the above-mentioned. In short, they’re paper tigers.

If you’ve exhausted your resources in regards to the religious exemption, use a declination letter. A template can be found HERE. The Declination Letter essentially states the following: you as a living man or woman retain sovereignty over your God-given, biological materials. You require that all products offered to you by your employer be entirely retrievable from your body at the end of every workday. The letter template mentioned above was written by a woman who submitted it to her employer and was then left alone. In fact, according to her, she received a contract extension shortly after submitting the letter to her boss. Whether or not this will work for you is questionable, but I would suggest giving it a shot if your exemption is denied.

Finally, if the above tools (religious exemption and declination letter) fail, make your employer or school sign a notice of liability. This will shift responsibility for damages from you to them. I can assure you they will not want to sign this document. However, make your voice heard and insist it be part of the bargain. You can find a sample notice of liability HERE. If none of these tools work in your favor then I would suggest finding another job. There are thousands of employers who are not mandating these shots as a condition of employment, and there’s even a job board (like Indeed) dedicated to advertising “mandate free” job openings. It can be found HERE.

Do not give up hope. The increase in pressure we are all feeling is a direct result of the pressure we are applying to these institutions. Ten years from now when this has all blown over, wouldn’t you rather be able to tell your children that you fought for freedom and liberty? That you stood strong in the face of tyranny and refused to compromise? There are millions of people in this country, and in the world, who will never be able to say that. They will have to admit that they were suckered and taken advantage of. They will have to admit that they forced their children to wear masks, injected themselves (and their children) with poison, hid in their homes, and did everything their corrupt government told them to do, even with the evidence to the contrary screaming directly in their face.

We will need to show these people an incredible amount of grace. They will be devastated when they realize what they’ve done, and it will be on us, the victors, to forgive them for subjecting us to the pain we feel in this moment. Like I mentioned before, our complacency is the reason we find ourselves in such a precarious situation. We can NEVER allow this to happen again. Be courageous and have faith. We’re
going to win, it’s just going to take patience, determination, and focus.

Watch Dom’s Video Here on Religious Exemptions From Taking The Vaccine