Healing Cancers and Tumors | A Magnetic Approach


By Albert Roy Davis & Walter C. Rawls

In order to be read and understood by the layman, student, and professional researcher, we are refraining from the use of highly technical material or language and the display of mathematical computations. These materials are, however, available for proper usage. Over 300 active cancer biopsy transplants to laboratory strain white rats, mice, and rabbits, each having a similar blood type to that of man, 89.6 percent, were programmed as to growth, development, and/or arrest of cancer. This was accomplished through the proper application of the arresting energy of a magnet’s poles. This was the N pole or negative electron spin effect of that pole’s energies. Years of research found that one effect of cancer development is a genetic transfer from one generation to another, not necessarily in that order. A genetic carryover from one generation may not be found to become active until the third or fourth generation.

Yet, positive information as a result of some 18 years of these studies is convincing in our findings in this area of study. During the 18-year period, two years were completely devoted to these studies. Cell genetics can carry the active cancer seed for future generations and development once the cancer seed is active in a living system. This does not apply to all cancers. There are types that are local and can be arrested and do not carry over as genetic transfer.We will not entail a detailed discussion on what causes cancers since there are as many causes of cancers as there are types and kinds. In our earlier discussions on the electromagnetic effects to mankind, we discussed the outer space electromagnetic effects on man and his biosphere (biological atmosphere). Several causes for cancer were presented in that discussion.

At this time in our history, there are over 100 types and kinds of cancers. What may arrest one type will not necessarily have an effect in arresting other types. Clearly, we can see from such facts that no one agent will arrest all cancers. There has been no agent, process, drug, or development to combat all cancers effectively as there is no known single cause for the development of cancers. Accepting these scientific facts as we know them to be, should we find a single form of combating agent that would arrest all cancers this would be a remarkable and outstanding discovery.There are various forms of treatment that will arrest cancer development of many kinds and types if they are caught in their early stages of development. We are interested in the early stages of development and equally in the advanced stages. In each phase, we find that when magnetic energy of the negative N pole is applied to the cancer site, a remarkable reduction in the condition and also a marked arrest in further development of the cancer condition takes place.

Our laboratory has not at this time been able to secure biopsies of active cancers of all of the more than one hundred types known to exist. We have, however, obtained through medical doctors and professional people engaged in cancer research many different samples of active cancer tissues for transplant and development. It is well known that you cannot transplant any form of cancer and have it taken unless there is a state of infection at the transplant site.Cancers will not take when transplanted to healthy tissue. In our laboratory, we have infected that area planned for active transplant of cancer tissue cells prior to making the transplant. The infection has failed to take in some cases and had to be repeated, but it will infect eventually unless there are adverse conditions to this taking or acceptance action on the part of the research animal. Prior magnetic exposure has prevented an active take of infection even after several attempts have been made to graft an active cancer transplant.

A form of antiserum, or defense mechanism, seems to have developed in a number of cases to prevent cancers from taking and developing after such exposures. Prior to the active cancer cell tissue transplants the animals were radiated, and exposed, to the negative energy of the N pole energies for several hours. This acted to resist our attempts for a successful cancer graft to result or take. Take is used here to mean the infected tissue accepts the active cancer transplant and develops into a state of multiplying cancer cells.The encouraging fact is that when tissue is exposed to negative magnetic energies prior to the transplant of the cancer-infected tissue, there is a noticeable resistance to its successful development even in previously infected and prepared sites. Here we see “What is now needed is a new approach as to the unification of energy.” This statement is not original. In fact, a number of outstanding researchers have made this statement within the past few years.

It is becoming more apparent that unification of the findings in the many fields of applied cancer research is needed to obtain a fresh, new, theory or concept for use of all the sciences that have shown good results in arresting the development of cancers. Should we start at the very beginning of the structure and basic energy of all biological living systems which makes it possible for them to live and multiply, we would find the atom and its electrical system, which is a great teacher for new approaches and a better understanding of what we are working with and our purposes.In making in-depth examinations of the applications of electrical and radiological energies which have proven to be partially successful in arresting all stages of cancers, we should study the laws of the atom— the electrical building block of all matter, including all biological life forms. From this study of the atom, we can see it is possible to arrest any form in the living system, including bacteria, malfunctions, and mutations of cells, tissues, organs, and glands.

Each of the aforementioned segments are the result of molecules being built from single groupings of atoms. When this primary and most elementary law of physics is applied to living cells, we see a well-balanced electrical system, and any changes will upset the well-regulated bioelectrical system of the cell, causing it to deform, mutate, or break down.Since it is now possible to measure and record the voltage existing on the outer surface of the blood cell’s membrane, the first recordable signals tell us there are difficulties arising in the structure of the membrane supporting walls of the cells; as in the case of the red blood cell, we find a rise in the negative voltage. The rise in negative ion charges on the outside of the membrane wall is then compared with what happens to the atom.

When there is a rise in the negative electrons on the outer vortex of the atom, the atom is no longer the simple type of atom that makes up a substance; it is then altered to make the molecules form a more complex structure of the element or substance. We might then compare the simple hydrogen atom and the second type of the same hydrogen complex that is slightly more complex, yet, nevertheless, remains a hydrogen atomic complex.The blood cells’ bioelectrical ion charges, which result from the charges taken on in the form of sodium and potassium ions, their charges, and level of charges, depend on the selectivity of the walls of the membrane. Anything that changes the selectivity or the charges of the cells and their membrane-supporting structure will affect the health and welfare of the cell proper.

Other direct research findings that link the membrane variations and the transformation of normal cells into malignant cells present a linear curve as to the voltage measured across the normal cell, and the rise above normal negative voltage found to exist on the cross-axis measurement of the malignant cells. In further investigations, we find in all cases of human or animal biological stages of internal repair we have a rise in the negative potential on the outer surface of the affected section.This also follows a resultant linear curve as to the amount of negative voltage potential as to the degree of damage compared to the rate of natural healing of the affected part to the living system. However, here we depart from the normal. The cells that develop into malignant cells at first show a rise in negative potential voltage across the cell’s structure, a slow change takes place, and we find when the cells are fully developed as malignant cancer cells the negative voltage across the cells drops to a lower than normal negative voltage potential.

The first effect is the rise in negative voltage which we find happens in all damaged segments of the living system. The resultant drop in below-normal negative voltage across the affected segment tells us that repairs have not been made and that part, segment or cell is a mutant no longer under the repair control of the living systems’ defense mechanism. This is noted by the negative voltage being lower than normal.We note here that normal means the normal potential found to exist on the same segments, and cells that are present when there is no difficulty experienced in or by that segment or cell’s normal operating potential. In a further study of this effect, we find nondividing cells have a high normal potential negative voltage as opposed to a very low or lower than normal voltage existing on the cross-section of dividing cells. Dividing cells means cells that are affected and are malignant, including rapidly proliferating tumor cells.

As a direct result of these galvanic potential-related energies, we find whenever we have damage to any part, segment or cell of the living system we have a higher-than-normal rise in the negative voltage potential. When normal healing and recovery results the negative returns to normal. If we then find a lower-than-normal negative to continue we have a section that has failed to recover and return to a normal state of health.In the illustrations below, item A shows a normal red blood cell. Item B represents a form of malignant cell— note the deformed membrane outlines in Item B. Item C is an electron microscope photograph reproduction of a healthy red blood cell. Item D is a red blood cell that has decomposed, showing the breakdown and resultant misshaped cell when affected by the presence of a distorted potential of biological voltages. Migration by active electrolytic transfer from one cell to the next results in any number of associated blood decomposure forms of diseases.

In every case of advanced malignancy, there is found to exist a lower than-normal voltage across the cell’s membrane and an increase in the plasma and/or fluid amounts and flow between each and every cell. To present this rise in fluid flow and the distortion of the cell’s membranes, we show on several low microscopic magnification photographs ranging from 60 to 100 X power of blood cell patterns.These are a result of drawing a few drops of whole blood from a fingertip, placing on a microscope slide, and allowing to dry, and then examining them under the low power magnification. Using this most elementary method of screening the blood, a number of very interesting facts are brought to light.

No. 1 shows a microscopic enlargement taken by an 1800-power microscope of a few normal blood cells. We use this as an example. No. 2 shows the increase of plasma, and fluid, which can clearly be seen between the dried blood cell clustering.

This sample was taken from a male, 44 years of age, suffering from cancer of the super maxillary with metastasis. The study here shows a profound disturbance of the clot retraction pattern. No. 3 shows a blood sample of normal blood after drying and using the low-power 60 to 100-power microscope lens for this screening study. No. 4 shows a dried blood sample of a male, 70 years of age, suffering from advanced leukemia. Note the almost identical pattern to that of one of the many and foremost types of cancer.

No. 5 shows a pattern of dried blood of a 12-year-old female, symptomless. Note normal blood clotting pattern. No. 6 shows a dried blood sample of a female, 34 years of age, four months pregnant with no cancer development. Note the similar pattern of the disturbances of the blood and the increase of plasma, and fluids, separating the blood cells and blood cell clusters.

These microphotographs show us in this simple form of screening the changes in the amount of fluids, and plasmas, that flow between blood cells clusters when there is an abnormal condition existing in the system. Abnormal meaning not as we would find blood serum flowing under normal conditions. These photographs also show how pregnancy alters the amount of fluid serum flow between the cells and that which happens when cancer is present. Photograph No. 6 presents the clue that when the body is under stress as in the condition of pregnancy there is a weakening of the normals as the embryo in forming is calling on the human system for blood and all the basics needed to support this additional life developing in the body and the system devoted to new human development. This is an overall demand which acts to upset the serum balances of the cells while not the cells themselves.

The cells in the case of changes in the blood serums and/or fluids are not affected as they are in stages of cancer development. In cancer developments, we have a destructive mutation of the cells’ membranes. In the case of cancer, the increase in the separation of blood cells and the clustering separated by the serum amounts, as an increase in the amount of blood fluids, plasma, this fluid then acts to be a carrier for the escaping electrolyte that flows from the malignant cell and it now appears to act to upset the electrolyte fluids of other cells. We then see the possibility that this affected electrolyte can and may be the carrier or active transport for fluids escaping from the decomposed cell walls of affected cancer cells. There are two major theories that are foremost today in research into the causes and arrests of cancer. One theory is that a virus may be responsible for the start of the condition. The second theory is that food intake, chemicals in foods, or for a number of reasons, a condition develops causing a disturbance in the blood cells’ balance as to the biological chemistry of the cells, therefore, the tissues.

Today researchers know more about cancer development than at any other time in history. However, the mystery of why cancer develops in the human or living system remains. We have discovered in part that tumor cells develop and multiply rapidly without any apparent control responses. Further, they have the ability to spread rapidly throughout the living system. It has also been discovered that natural sunlight can cause cancer of the skin, as can other energy radiations. Chemicals and gases, such as cigarette smoke, can trigger cancer of the lungs. Certain viruses when transplanted into laboratory animals can also cause cancers. On eating the flesh of livestock that have been fed certain feeds containing a number of chemical growth stimulants/ cancer again has been promoted. There are a number of viruses that when injected into rats, mice or rabbits develop into cancers and are transmitted by injecting the blood from one to another.

If we study these transferable reactions that act to trigger cancer cell development, we see there is a good chance cancer is caused by a delayed to prompt response of the virus.



Of the several hundred research transplants of cancer to rats, rabbits, mice, and other animals, it has been proven that the N pole, the magnetic negative energy of the two poles and their separate energies, has slowed, controlled and arrested further development of the active cancer site. Better than 90 percent of the cases so treated have shown a control and arrest of the cancerous condition, depending on the state of advancement of cancer and the age and physical condition of the animal in question.To further support this finding, when the S pole of a magnet, this being the positive energy of a magnet, is applied to cancers they become more advanced and then develop, grow and spread at an accelerated rate. Therefore, the two effects prove that the energies generated by a magnet’s two poles can and will prove in the future to be a new application of a very old science toward the arrest and/or containment of cancer development.

As pointed out earlier, when any disorder, break, certain infections or physically damaged parts of the living system are placed in a strong negative energy field there is almost at once an arrest of further damaging developments. We also discussed earlier that nature itself directs a negative electrical field to a broken bone or other damaged segment of the living system under attack. We feel this shows in part the effects of controlled negative energy effects of the north magnetic pole to aid in the arrest and more rapid healing of many, if not all, forms of disorders to the living system.


Leaving the effects of magnetic fields on cancers and tumors, let us review the findings of the work in our laboratory to date and the results we have obtained by the use of this energy on actual cancer transplants, which have shown that we have a new and vital tool to combat, control or arrest many, if not all, types of cancerous conditions. If the cancer is deep beneath the skin’s surface, care must be taken to ensure that the cancer site will receive negative (N pole) magneto magnetic energies having gauss strength from 2,500 to 4,500 and that this amount of energy is not merely applied to the outer flesh.

To assure proper dosage to the cancer site, calculations must be made by measuring in inches the distance from the N pole of the magnet to the depth the researcher wishes the treatment exposure to reach, then selecting the proper magnet or electromagnetic power having those certain gauss energies at that distance from the pole end. This can be done by taking a magnetometer reading at X number of inches from the N pole of the magnet selected. Naturally, should the cancer be within the body, this means we would have a higher than 2,500 to 4,500 gauss strength on the body’s surface.


Using the results of over 300 cancer research test cases of animals having a blood type similar to man, the findings of this work show:

An increase in the production of erythrocytes in peripheral blood while the proliferation of leukocytes is inhibited as a result of exposure of the cancer site to the negative N pole energy. These findings are documented by transplants of cancer, A through C classifications, to large and small rodents and to other animals. These transplants having developed into first to third-degree types, exposure thereof to the negative N pole energies resulted in an average of 88 percent arrest of further development and 87.5 percent recovery.The number of cases tested was 290 to 325. The success of this project was, in part, due to careful handling and exact and proper exposure over several months. Again, the fact remains that any exposure of cancer to the positive S pole energies immediately caused an advancement of the condition. The S pole energies are positive and are similar in part to the effects of certain radiological energies being used today in an attempt to arrest cancers.

Additionally, we have discovered that the negative energies of the N pole of the magnet also strengthen the unaffected surrounding cells, generating what appears to be an increase of the natural defense mechanism of those unaffected cells to combat the spreading of cancer. In reviewing our research work with electromagnetic energies, we find we are working with an energy closely related to the one provided by the living system to the cells and tissues of the body which acts as a natural barrier to any form of cell or tissue breakdown.The results of our research work have shown that the application of this natural energy may open doors for additional research and development not only for the control of cancer conditions but for a new approach to control, arrest, and prevention of many of the diseases medical science now finds difficult to cope with.

In studying the two immunological defenders produced by the living system, these being B lymphocytes, which are manufactured by the bone marrow, and T lymphocytes, which are produced by the thymus located at the base of the throat, these two important fluids, which are antibodies, present the body with a natural defense mechanism to arrest, attack and control the numerous invading viruses, bacteria, infections, etc., that the body must defend itself against.Although many drugs have been developed today, nearly all of these drugs result in poisoning of the cancer site or total or partial poisoning of the living system. Many researchers believe these drugs are the answer to the arrest of further spreading of cancers. However, poisoning of the system with alkaloid pharmaceuticals is only partially effective and is extremely harmful to the body. Yet, if the body can accept this toxic matter, some improvements will be shown but at the expense of the overall health of the patient.

Therefore, we are convinced that attention should be directed toward the use of negative N pole energies and their applications for the arrest of cancer in either its primary or advanced stages, thereby giving the patient an advanced method of relief or the actual arrest of the cancerous condition.From our years of laboratory research into the causes and arrest or relief of cancers by the use of magneto magnetic negative energies, we fully believe cancers are a direct result of an internal virus existing in the body or are actively transmitted to the body by external biological and/or chemical atmospheres, or a combination of these factors. Although not apparent during the life span of most men and women, we feel a cancer virus exists in all living systems and under ideal conditions may be triggered into a cancerous state.

Evidence supporting this theory has been reported by other researchers. With the research now being conducted throughout the world, we believe an announcement of an anticancer vaccine could be imminent. However, until an anticancer serum that will provide resistance to this disease is discovered and developed, the development and application of negative magneto magnetic energies could save millions of lives annually, worldwide.The use of X-rays, cobalt, and radioactive energies are all of value. Again, we find that in each case of their use there is resultant poisoning of the living system. Within the composite electromagnetic formula of vibrations of atomic energy that these energy forms have and transmit to the living system, there are positive ions’ reflective energies which in nearly all, if not all, cases act to advance the body’s acceptance of these positive energies, which promotes many phases of the cancer condition.

The entire projection of desired results is in the fact that these forms of energy will sometimes arrest certain types of cancers. If we were to agree with this accepted method of cancer control, we would need to see a considerably higher percentage of arrests than is now indicated. Here, as in the pharmaceutical drug usage, we find the cells adjoining those infected with cancer are adversely affected, lowering their defense against the continued outer wall membrane breakdown that is a result of cancer and is also a result of radiological exposure treatments.

Our investigations show that by the use of negative magneto magnetic energies we arrest the breakdown of adjoining cells and also arrest the further progression of the cancer condition. We also strengthen the adjoining cells to act as a natural defense against further cancer development. Further, we have found nerve pains and physical pressure resulting in nerve pain can be greatly arrested by the application outlined above used to arrest and control many forms of cancer development.

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