Suramin the Covid Vaccine Antidote | As per Dr.Judy Mikovits Ph.D.


PINE NEEDLE  TEA [Source of Suramin]: Antidote for the Covid 19 Vaccine

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Suramin May Provide Hope for Autism
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Covid shots are not vaccines but experimental bioweapons and this is the expert consensus. In a recent interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D. released information on the ANTIDOTE to the Covid 19 Vaccine. If you have been forced to take the vaccine, this antidote may help you defend against the mysterious ingredients of the vaccine. Maybe you had no choice in the matter. Maybe your employer would not employ you without taking the vaccine, and you have to support your family and decided to bite the bullet. If that is you, then this article is for you.

Excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer Jason Shurka: Do you know of anyway, to heal oneself from the injuries from the current injection? Are you aware of anything?
Dr.Judy Mikovits: There’s an antidote. Because these people wouldn’t be injecting people unless they knew the answer. SURAMIN [ S-U-R-A-M-I-N]. This is the most important antidote. It’s 100-year-old essential medicine, WHO (World Health Organization) essential medicine for African Sleeping Sickness. You can inoculate the tiniest amount of Suramin, and reverse Autism.

The antidote is called Suramin. Suramin is found in many forests around the world in Pine needles. Suramin is an extract of Pine needle oil. It comes in a synthetic pharmaceutical concentrate which can be injected into your body in case of emergencies or you can simply extract Pine oil through distillation.

Even better, you can ingest Suramin simply by drinking Pine needle tea.Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of coagulation (clotting) cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA.
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As you can see below that Dr.Judy did not make up the story that Suramin is WHO Essential Medicine. Source:

The Antidote to the Vaccine


This antidote to the vaccine, which has been known by the upper levels of the medical establishment and insiders of the elitist class for almost 100 years, is called Suramin, an isolated compound originally derived from an extract of pine needle oil. It is only available by injection, and has been a closely guarded secret not made openly available to the masses during this “pandemic”, yet is an effective solution for parasites and viruses of several kinds, along with a large number of other conditions. Yet anyone can now take advantage of this solution by tapping its root origin, pine needle tea, an antidote that is freely available today in evergreen forests and in many people’s backyards.

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Pine needle tea is one of the most potent antioxidants known to man and it’s a superfood. You can pluck it right off the tree and eat the tips of Pine, Spruce, Fir, and Cedar. Pine needle oil is known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress, depression, pain, respiratory infections like pneumonia, influenza, and COVID-19. Pine needle tea also kills parasites.

How can this simple remedy work so well in the face of such a seemingly insurmountable condition?

There is a direct relationship between Suramin (the isolated extract), pine needle tea (a hot water extract of the pine, fir, cedar, and spruce needles), and pine oil (which is derived from the needles through an essential oil steam distillation process). All three are derived from the properties of the conifer needle.

My personal take on this is that it is far better to get Nature’s whole herb source than just a tiny fraction of an extract. There are many other benefits that can be derived from the whole herb that will be missing from the isolated chemical. My observation is that those who maintain high levels of health are not affected by either the vaccine. Their immune system seems to be warding off side effects at this point.


Antidote for the Covid 19 Vaccine

You will need 5 grams of fresh or dried pine needles to make one cup of pine needle tea. Do not throw away the used pine needles after making one cup. You can make a second cup from the remains of the first cup you made.

  • If you are scheduled to be vaccinated, then start taking the tea a week prior ( 3 cups a day minimum) and continue for a year or longer after getting the vaccine. We suggest you make it a lifestyle if possible, as we do not know how long the effects of the vaccine will be and also due to the extra benefits that come with this tea.
  • If you’ve already taken the vaccine we suggest that you start the pine needle tea regimen right away, a minimum of 3 cups a day for a year minimum, and if possible make it a lifestyle regimen as we do not know how long the effects of the vaccine will be.
  • Pine needles and Pine tea are a superfood and super antioxidant when used in moderation. It’s safe for everyone and will give a great boost to your immunity, lift your mood and increase your energy. Pine needle tea becomes a potent medicine when used to excess. We are being hit with bioweapons and as a countermeasure, you might as well double your intake from 3 to 6 cups per day. If you have a strong detox reaction in general, please reduce your intake.
  • As a precaution, the first time you consume this tea, drink half the cup first and wait for an hour to see if you have any allergy issues. If you do not develop any allergies, then it should be safe for consumption.

Important: We suggest pregnant women to not take pine needle tea.

The People’s Antidote

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Now the people have the antidote, and it is readily available in the form of pine needle tea. How do we know this? Because Suramin is a derivative of the oils in pine needles. The whole herbal source (needles) is superior to the single compound extract (Suramin) – because the needles possess a full complement of phytonutrients providing numerous additional benefits that the extract is incapable of.

Now, here is the direct connection between Suramin and Pine Needle Tea: Suramin is Derived from Trypan Blue
Trypan blue is derived from toluidine, that is, any of several isomeric bases, C14H16N2, derived from toluene. Trypan blue is so-called because it can kill trypanosomes, the parasites that cause sleeping sickness. An analog of trypan blue, suramin, is used pharmacologically against trypanosomiasis. Trypan blue is also known as diamine blue and Niagara blue.

Trypan red and trypan blue were first synthesized by the German scientist Paul Ehrlich in 1904. Trypan Blue is a derivative of toluene which is a derivative of pine oil.

Big Pharma has quickly taken action to erase any connection between Pine Needles and Suramin by editing the two wiki pages mentioned above. Scroll to the bottom of those two pages and see for yourself why an obscure entry such as Trypan Blue or Toulene, has been edited with a very recent date 22 June 2021 & 1 July 2021, which was after the publication of this blog on May 25 ! Really? How many of you actually search for those two words that it needed immediate editing?

The compound was first isolated in 1837 through a distillation of pine oil by the Polish chemist Filip Walter, who named it rétinnaphte. Yet pine needle tea provides a similar, if not superior, benefit, due in part to the fact that it is a direct mild extract of the whole herb leaving many of its properties still intact that might be destroyed by excessive heat during distillation and further dissection of its many nutrient components.

Pine needles are high in vitamin C and A among numerous other compounds which provide a long list of benefits: A 2011 Korean study demonstrated using pine needles in tea was the best way to access the antioxidant benefits from pine needles. The study demonstrated that the hot water extract of pine needle proanthocyanidins and catechins offer the highest levels of antioxidant benefits compared with chemical extract processes.

There are other known benefits that pine needle tea and the tea made from other conifers share, which include:

Analgesic | Antibacterial | Antifungal | Anti-inflammatory | Antimicrobial | Antioxidant |Antiseptic Antitumor |Antitussive |Antiviral |Aromatic | Astringent | Decongestant | Detoxifying |Disinfectant Diuretic | Expectorant | Immuno-modulating | Improves circulation | Invigorating | Lymphatic | Relaxing | Relieves nervous exhaustion and fatigue | Relieves sore muscles | Restorative | Tonic

Disclaimer: Do your own research before you attempt making your own pine needle tea. Ensure that you have pine needles that are edible.

Here’s 11 more reasons to have pine needle at home. Read more…

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Applicable to these two products:
100% Natural Non-GMO Organic Dried Pine Needle Tea | 1.09 lb. [500 grams] 1 Month Supply
100% Natural Non-GMO Organic Dried Pine Needle Tea | 100 Individually Wrapped 5 gram Pine Tea Bags by ELIXZIR | 1 Month Supply

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